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My First Pantyhose Experience
03-05-2010, 03:36 AM
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Wink My First Pantyhose Experience
I would have to say my pantyhose fetish first began at the age of 7. My older sister went to catholic school and i didn't. Her uniform consisted of a polo, plaid skirt, and either knee socks, pantyhose, or tights. I remember when she would put them on and looking at them i thought to myself, those look like fun to wear! I thought it was cool that you can change the look and color of your legs like that. So i waited for her to come home from school one afternoon, she had on opaque white tights and the rest of her uniform. She took everything off and changed into comfy clothes, leaving her opaque white tights on the floor of her room. After a bit she had left to go to her friends house, and my mother was downstairs while i was upstairs. I stole her tights off the floor, ran in the bathroom and put them on under my pants. The strange thing was i put them on like i somehow was an expert in it already. I really enjoyed the soft tights on my legs, just the tight feeling and the smoothness made it awesome. Needless to say, that pair of tights became mine.
So over the next few years, off and on i would wait for my sister and no one to not be home and i would always sneak into her drawer and put her pantyhose/tights on. Sometimes i would take them and never put them back. I would hide them among my own drawers, under my bed, inside things to ensure i wouldn't be caught with them. Then it got to a point when i was around 13 that the hose weren't enough and i would frequently try on her other clothes such as her bras, panties, dresses/skirts, tight sweaters, shoes, etc. It was hot looking at myself in the mirror with heels on and sexy hose at the same time.
I will follow this up with another pantyhose story, this is my first time coming out about my hose fetish in public. Plenty more stories to come. Thanks!!!
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03-07-2010, 10:30 AM
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RE: My First Pantyhose Experience
Great story, phf315! Looking forward to more! It seems like many of us guys had some level of curiosity about hose when we saw a sister or mother wear them...and just had to find out what it was like to have them on!
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