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My Girlfriend's Girlfriend.
05-22-2010, 04:28 PM
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My Girlfriend's Girlfriend.
I ran into a ex-girlfriend from years ago. It was a amicable breakup so it was good to see her again. And when we started talking we cracked up when we remembered a girl we both wound up dating who was also her best friend.

Years ago...
(I'll use Jessie for my ex-girlfriend's name and Tara for our friend to protect the innocent HA HA)

One day when I went to her house when her parents weren't home I was greeted at the door with a huge kiss and her telling me to go into the bathroom and get changed and tell her when I was ready to be bound. I went into the bathroom and and took off my clothes and put on a condom (Always liked the feeling of them) and the queen size pantyhose that were in there. They went up to my chest back then. Then I put the leg of the second pair over my head and told her I was ready. She came in and had me put my arms in the panty of the bottom pair and pulled the top pairs panty down to past my elbows, so it was like a pantyhose straight jacket. Then she tied the other leg of the upper pair around my neck like a leash. Then she put a black sleep mask on me and led me to the bedroom.

When I got in there she had me stand in the middle of the room and told me to play with myself slowly. I did what she said and I heard her say "Mmmm that's nice" and then I heard a giggle that wasn't hers. I felt like my heart stopped and went to try to move my arms and hands up to move the blindfold and I heard her say "If you touch that blindfold were through! Get back to playing with yourself!" I did what she said and I heard another girls voice say "Can I touch him?" The voice sounded familiar but I wasn't sure. Then I heard Jessie say "Go ahead touch him".

Then I felt a pair of hands stroking my leg and the other voice say "This is so weird, but I kind of like it. Then I head Jessie say "Stop playing with yourself". I did and just stood there,then I heard the sound of pantyhose being put on and the other voice say "Over my head too?" And I heard the voice say "This really feels weird."

The next thing I knew I was being led across the room by my stocking leash and was told to lay on the bed by Jessie. I did what she said and felt her straddle my face reverse cowgirl style. She had cut the gusset out of her hose so I was free to eat her out through my stocking mask. I started to lick her and heard her moan then I heard her say "Make some slack in your mouth" "No like this, there you go." Then I felt the gusset of my hose being cut out, my dick being pulled through the hole and that wonderful feeling of a stocking mask blow job. The second I heard Jessie's voice I knew it wasn't her blowing me. I heard her saying "Yeah just like that, you like it when I push your head down?" And a muffled agreement. I licked Jessie until she came and came myself into the condom. Then I heard her say "Hold on." She climbed off of me and made me get back up. As I stood there I felt myself getting a condom change and cleaned up. Then Jessica told me to lay back down again. I laid down and I thought Jessie straddled my face facing me but I heard her off to the side saying "Now give her hers." I did as she said and she climbed off very satisfied when I was done.

Jessie took my blindfold off and I saw it was her best friend Tara in hose and pantyhose stocking mask just like Jessie. They both got a laugh from my expression and told me the whole thing while they sat on the bed and rubbed my pantyhosed feet.

Jessie and Tara had been experimenting for a while and Jessie had seen how Tara and I got along and asked her if she would mind a threesome. Tara was cool with the idea, but Jessie had to explain my fetish. Tara said she would try it and she wound up liking it. After that the three of us were all dating each other and having insane pantyhose sex just about every night. The best part was Jessie's parents were all about her being her own person and having privacy and with Tara being there all the time they were sure nothing was going on. Jessie's dad even asked me if it bothered me that her friend was around all of the time and I said "Nah, she's really cool and I feel bad that she can't find a boyfriend." Little did he know that I was her boyfriend as well as Jessie's HA HA.

This went on for almost a year and a half but they were heading off to different colleges and I wasn't. So we had decided to go our separate ways and take our good memories with us.

To this day I still can't hear Type O Negative's "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend" without getting a smile on my face.
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