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Pantyhose Dream Cum True
10-13-2010, 01:49 AM
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Pantyhose Dream Cum True
I have to tell you pantyhose fans, a man's pantyhose fantasy came true this past weekend. I'm still sitting here writing this and thinking please slap me. Anyway, my wife works all day and of course wears tan pantyhose to work. Doesn't matter if it's a skirt of slack day, she wears...awesome for me! It was Friday, and she had mentioned to me that she was going shopping at the mall earlier in the week, but of course I didn't pay much attention. Until she said you have the kids all night and probably will not be back until late, but before midnight.

I remember my wife slipping on her pantyhose that morning. She was wearing a black skirt, just above the knee, and her hose color was more on the coffee side, glossy, sheer toe, nylon crotch, reinforcement, no panties...of course! Now if she gets a run or something, I'm always the first to hear about it, because even though she wears she mainly does it for my obsession. So after putting the kids to bed, I sent her a text asking how she was doing. A reply came back, that she was having fun with a friend that I would never guess she ran into and picking up some good deals. I decided to she the mood, so I sent her a sexy text about how good her pantyhose crotch must feel and taste now because working and shopping all day in them! To my surprise she responded, "Actually very horny tonite, my nylon gusset is very wet cause I love to shop and can't wait to try my stuff on for you!" Of course I was hoping for a pantyhose model show, but don't get lucky too often. Usually just quick sex and done, as she has had it and is out of gas by the end of the day. Some time had passed, and I get another text stating, "Dee and I are having drinks now, we will be back in an hour or so, don't fall asleep..." I was like what? "we" will be back, hhhmmm? Of course my cock instantly thought they both are coming over with a few drinks in them, but I don't think Dee wears pantyhose. Let me get some more details. "So my wife texted back, we are coming back home for a few more drinks and we both want to show you our buys. You will not want to fall sleep!!!" I was like, what the fuck? Are these two rubbing each other pantyhose crotches or something at the bar. My wife thinks the girl-girl thing is nasty. As my mind raced with a million different sexual scenarios involving pantyhose, time passed by and I fell asleep on the coach before midnight.

As was awoken to two giggling mid 30s women. I knew a bit of alcohol must have been in their systems. Now the girl Dee, is spunky, cut, probably 36C, loves to dress on the risky side with high heels, boots, and tight ass jeans. She is shorter than my wife, probably 5'4" and always is talking and texting to me on the sexual side. She is married with kids as well. My wife always gets vibes that she wants to fuck me, and I'm sure she does but I would never make a move, unless my wife demanded me too. Well I laid there fake asleep as they loudly came into room with there bags. Comments were made like, "Well I guess he misses the show of his life. Dam it, I was really looking to get your husband's cock inside of me finally." and " I really wanted to see if another woman likes pantyhose sex or is it just my husband's sick mind..."

Instantly, my cock began to rise under my shorts, of I changed in got into something they could easily tug off if my fantasy were to cum true! You could tell they knew I was awake because of my cock stiffing, but played like they didn't. Next they proceed to get some various skirts and heels out. As they both quickly undressed down to only bras up top. My wife then said to Dee, "Here, try these on it's his favorite color. He only usually fucks me in tan colored pantyhose. There is no cotton gusset, so we can see if your pussy is wet." I was like what, is that my wife talking and is her "Fuck Me Now" friend geared down without undies, only a bra, and proceeding to pull on pantyhose right in front of me. Putting her nylon covered toes by my head on the couch. Man does she have sexy polished toes just like my wife, and a little tatoo on one foot as well. I would peak my eyes open slightly and caught that this woman shaves it bald down there. My wife and Dee actually had somewhat lengthy conversation on this as my wife was rubbing her sheer-to-waist pantyhose legs, feet, and ass to give her approval.

Dee then asked if my wife would step out of her skirt so she could see her style and look of pantyhose. My wife quickly dropped her skirt, although kept her 4" black heel on and stated. "Look how horny I am. See my nylon crotch is completely soaked with my pussy juice. He loves licking my pussy through the nylon." You could see that Dee was experienced and wanted a taste of my wife. She went right over told my wife to relax and lay down on her back as she started to run and lick my wife's nylon covered cunt. My wife started to tense and moan instantly. They were both into each other with no attention to me now. I couldn't take it anymore, so I quietly got up and started to stroke my massive 6.5 inch thick cock with plenty of pre-cum. The pantyhose again got the best of me, so I kneeled down and thought if my wife is into Dee I can too! So I stuck my face and tongue in her pantyhose covered anal and pussy area and started to lick vigorously. My wife still had no idea yet as she was in her pleasure world, but I think she wanted me to fuck Dee anyway, why else would she bring her home and make her wear pantyhose! I literally ate the shit out of her ass through the nylon only to tear a slight hole in her backside nylons so I could enter her. I continued to lick her up and down and massaging her nylon ass and legs. She then had no idea Dee that my cock was about to get stuffed in her until I rubbed my cock head on her pussy lips and anal cavity.

Dee then quipped, "Put it in me." My wife was still eyes shut and cumming, although made out some type of jesture by Dee. I knew I should hurry before my wife came out of her fanstasy, so I stuck my pounding hard cock inside Dee from behind. Her pussy as like a warm apple pie, sweet and moist and inviting. I eased into her gently before pound by balls off her nylon opening a bit harder each time. She then gave out a "Gosh you're right, his dick is pretty think" as she lifted her mouth off my wife's pussy. My wife then opened her eyes to see I was balls deep inside another woman. I locked eyes with my wife and wasn't sure what to expect. Yet, you could see she was loving each side of it. We both were having our way with a beautiful lady in pantyhose.

My wife then yelled out to me and Dee, "You better hurry, you're not going to last with all this pantyhose sex!" Dee then said, "Hurry for what, this is good, I'm not leaving yet." My wife then said, "He's got his cock sighted in on you ass..." Just as she finished I was already gently placing my by fat cock head into her anal passway. I'm not sure if this was Dee's regular thing, but I always hounded my wife for anal sex only to get denied. It took a few minutes, but finally I was finally to the point where my balls were laying against her pussy lips, thus signifying that all my cock had been stuffed up inside her sweet tender little ass! I continued to pump away slowly for a few minutes, until I screamed out those famous words, "I'm going to cum..." Both Dee and my wife quickly came close to my cock with their faces as I was now standing stroking my man pipe! Within seconds I unleashed a fury of hot cum on their faces then wiping my dick around their faces to occasionally get licked and taken into their mouth for my washing.

I then pulled up my shorts and stated, "What the fuck was that girls?"

They both responded, "That was a good old fashion 3-way pantyhose fucking!". Dee then said, "It's pantyhose for now on in my life. To the grocery store, at the wedding, or in were absolutely right girl. Guys fuck is better when women wear pantyhose or nylons."

Finally my wife claimed, "You need to go home to your hubby with a new pair of hose and fuck the shit out of him! Don't tell our secret!"
Dee cleaned up a bit put on a new pair of tan colored pantyhose again right in front of me, as I started to harden up again.

"Don't worry Dee, I'll take that cock from here. I need my own pantyhose fucking tonite!" She then left and that was then end. My wife and I made pantyhose love after, but have yet to discuss our pantyhose rendez-vous with Dee... be continued...I hope!!!
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