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Pantyhose Foursome - Part 2
11-18-2010, 02:15 AM
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Pantyhose Foursome - Part 2
...continued from Pantyhose Foursome...

So just like little boys in high school, both Jim and I rush over to Dee who is sitting down on a bench. We are still completely naked at this point with our junk right in her face, although not hard, but starting to get aroused as the thoughts of what Dee had in mind starting to turn in my own head. At this point, my wife is an innocent bystander looking on and perhaps wondering herself what Dee was going to do...

Immediately, Dee grabs both our cocks in her hand and says, "We gotta wake you up boys.." as she stares at our man pipes. Talking to our penis' as if they would talk back. Well they didn't except for growing in length as her hands with fake french manicured nails gently rubbed our members. That alone, was enough to make me cum, as woman with nice nails. They were not the slutty kind, too long and too red, no these had the white tips and were done with class. She then said, "Come on honey, he is hard again, and such a think cock", referring to my hard pole. She then started to take us in her mouth one at a time. First me, then Jim, and continued going back an forth. She licked and sucked cock with the best of them, no surprise. Just looking at her over the years, I could tell her lips knew how to wrap perfectly around dick. This went on for a few minutes until she stood up and exclaimed, "You boys are ready, but I'm not yet..." She went into her purse and brought out a brand new pair of gloss tan color pantyhose. She started to roll the nylon over her cherry red toe nails and up her legs. The pantyhose had reinforced toe and a slight support around her ass, although there was no cotton gusset, just a 15 denier nylon covering up her pussy. She looked awesome in the pantyhose, but then again she had a great figure as probably 5'5" and 120 lbs. Nice perky C cup tits to go along. I wasted no time and drove right for her nicely trimmed snatch! I didn't care her husband was still stroking his own cock. My wife was really just taking it all in, as she watched two 2 men like little boys in the candy store...

I licked Dee's pussy vigorously through the nylon using my fingers to spread her lips as she leaned back with excitement. Jim stuffed his cock back into his wife's mouth as I continued my oral pleasure ride with her. I did glance quickly back at my wife, who was now diddling herself as she watched the hot and heavy action. I was trying to shove some digits into her pussy and ass through the hose and she kept urging me on to do so. Finally, I broke a hole in the pantyhose crotch area to really give her pussy and asshole a tongue lashing she deserved. Dee then stood up out of the blue and shouted, "Enough! I need cock inside me. Jim you lay down on you back on the table. This wet pussy is all yours! And you, pointing to me are going to give me my first DP experience, and with pantyhose on! That's right big boy with the thick cock, you're going to pleasure my ass." I almost cam right then and there. I looked to my wife for approval, as she whispered, "Go for it, I always knew this is a fantasy of yours." Jim was already laying down and down grabbed a hold of his cock and guided into her love tunnel as she squatted on top of him facing him too. They gently started to pleasure each other and then Dee noticed I was getting on top of the table so she slid forward and on to her knees to open her anal cavity for me. I crotched over her staying on my feet and began slapping my cock off her ass and rubbing my cock head over her fudge hole. She then yelled as her husband banged away, "Get that cock in my ass, I need two dicks in me at once!" She was all moistened up already, but still her anal opening was like a vise grip! It didn't help that I have a fat cock head. Her moans got even louder as I got about an inch or two inside her ass. I started slow at first until I was able to shove all my dick fully inside her. Now all 3 of us were into a rhythm as my balls were clanking hard off her tant, as we both were putting her into full sexual estacy. Suddenly I felt fingers tickling my nuts so I looked back and my wife was starting to fondle my and Jim's nuts. She did that for a bit then came around and started touching Dees tits and making out with her. I knew it wouldn't be much longer as I watched my cock go in and out of Dee's tight bung hole as I grabbed her pantyhose waist line to really thrust into her! Jim had yelled out that his batch was ready soon and so was I. Although, I really wanted to show Dee and my wife who was boss, so I started slapping Dee's pantyhose covered ass with my hand and keeping a grip on her waistband. At that moment Jim pulled his cock out and squirted his jizzem all over as I felt a bit hit my nuts. Quickly I then yanked the pantyhose up towards her upper back in brut force. I then loudly exclaimed, "I'm going to cum, quick honey jerk my load on Dee's pantyhosed ass!" I pulled out and my wife immediately started stroking my cum all over her ass as Dee looked back with absolute pleasure. I rubbed every last drop out and cleaned my dick on her nylon ass and then toes as I got off the table.

Jim started to laugh and said he definitely needed a drink as he had not gotten off twice in less than an hour since his 20s. Dee came over to me to hug me, although she grabbed my now flaccid penis and whispered in my ear, "Thanks, I need that and especially you inside me tonite. Glad you loved my pantyhose selection! Until next time..."

I went to sleep that night just wondering what, when, where, and how the next pantyhose adventure would be and wondered what pantyhose crazed Dee had in mind...
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