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You didn't ask!
01-30-2011, 04:30 PM
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You didn't ask!
Around 1 o'clock this afternoon, my wife asked me if I wanted some time alone, I said yes and asked why. She said she had some shopping to do and that would keep me busy while she was gone.So, I showered and shaved my body, put on makeup,and started to get dressed. I started out with a layer of nude sheer to waist pantyhose from head to toe,( I don't know where to get those wonderful 3 legged pantyhose that I see NylonMichelle in) so I make my own hood from pantyhose, I cut arm holes below the waist bands before putting my head in the leg and pull down over my shoulders, and use a kneehigh over my erection and sack with a small hole cut in the crotch of my pantyhose and work myself through, It has to be perfect, because I don't want any skin exposed when I am encased. I then put on a second layer of tan pantyhose on my legs and upper body. I added a sleeveless black spandex leotard, a light gray short sleeve turtleneck minidress, a pair of maroon stretch satin over the elbow gloves and finished the outfit off with a new pair of black 5" ankle strap pumps. I tied and wrapped my ankles with rope, tied and wrapped my legs the same way just above and below the knees. I then started to tie myself to a wooden chair we have in our bedroom. I tied my ankles between the front legs, my thighs to the top of the front legs, and my waist to the back of the chair. I had a gag ready to use, I roll up a stocking and put it half way down another stocking, and tie knots on each side of the rolled up stocking to hold it in place. I worked some slack in my mask and shoved the gag into my mouth, and tied it around my head with the other leg. I used a leg frrom a pair of black tights as a blindfold and used the other leg of the tights as a second hood, tucking it into the neck of the dress. I finished off with a pair of handcuffs behind the back of the chair. I was set. I usually spend my time encased thinking of past experiences and future hopes. I hope to share some of my past favorites soon. The room next to our bedroom has a clock that chimes every hour, and as I sat there I must of heard it chime 6 or 7 times. This wasn't normal, my wife usually comes and checks on me after a few hours. I started bto get worried. I couldn't hear much, so I don't know if she even got home from shopping. I had to free myself. I couldn't see a thing, but remembered the hancuff keys were on the dresser, so I started to hop the chair in that direction. I found the key, but after a few minutes of trying up unlock them I dropped the key. I sat there a while before remembering I keep a pair of scissors in my nightstand, so I started hopping the chair again and found the scissors. I was able to cut the ropes that bound me to the chair. I stood up and dropped onto the bed to start to untie the ropes that held my legs and ankle. It took me over two hours to untie myself once I decided I needed to get free. After all the ropes were off I made it to the door and started towards the steps. Once I thought I was getting close I sat down on the floor (which is very difficult not being able to see, hands cuffed behind my back and in heels. I got down the steps on my butt and headed towards the livingroom, as I got close I heard, Oh hi hun, do you need some help? She guided me to the couch and removed my second mask, blindfold then gag. I asked her if she had any intention of coming up to release me, she said no! I asked why not, she said I didn't know you wanted me to,You didn't ask!! I thought about it and she was right, I usually say I will need her help in a few hour, and I didn't ask this time. She took my arm and helped me back up the steps to get the handcuff key and releases me. I just spent hours hurting because I forgot to ask. My wrists hurt from the handcuffs, my arms hurt from forcing them over the back of the chair to rech the handcuff key and then again to cut the ropes, and stretching to untie the ropes. I must of tied the tights for the blindfold too tight, because I have a nylon burn on my eyelids, and my feet are killing me in the new shoes. (Oh it hurts so good) My wife went in for a shower and get ready for bed. I am still fully encased and dressed, I grabbed a couple of beers and my cigarettes and am sitting in our enclosed back porch posting this. We live in Pa. and its about 15 degrees out here,the cold air on my nylon cover body feels great, I have to admit my lips are very cold, I'm drinking my beers through the nylon mask so the mouth area is wet and very cold. The wife just popped her head out and said she was ready for bed. I need to go in and cut my mask off, touch up my makeup and head to bed to see if my sweetheart will help me forget about my aches, and I need to get these heels off. I have read and enjoyed so many of the stories posted here. I truely hope you get some enjoyment out of how I just spent my day and evening! Good Night All!!
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