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06-14-2011, 04:24 AM
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My wife and family have been living in the same neighborhood for 7 years now and have always been friends with our next door neighbors. Like us, they are in their mid 30s and professionals with kids of their own. My wife asked the first time we met them if I thought the neighbor wife was attractive. Of course I could not lie, as she is a beautiful lady, about 5'8", 110 lbs I would say with great legs and pretty face. Her tits are a bit on the small side, but something any man could over look in the heat of the moment.

I always looked at the neighbor lady as just a neighbor and friend as I have a pretty good relationship with the husband. You know, giving the "Hi" and "How are the kids?", and "Want to have a cook out?" type of things. Nothing really more than that because she came across to me as conservative and reserved. She dressed very professionally for her career, but at times with tight pants and skirts to show off her nice little ass. Heels sometimes too, although I never got a glimpse of pantyhose or any type of nylon for that matter! I just didn't think it was in her wardrobe although over recent years and especially months, my wife and her have gotten some what close. Often heading to the store together, leaving us dads to attend to the children. Now my wife as you may know from reading other stories posted, is a daily pantyhose wearer. Work, weekends, dress pants, business suit, jeans, yoga pants or whatever she has the tan pantyhose on underneath.

So a few weeks ago the neighbors approached us to see if we would like to go on a wine tasting tour through the country with a handful of other couples. It would pretty much be an all day affair with tastings, dinner, and limo ride. Great because nobody has to sacrifice drinking some reds. Well the day came and the other 5 couples ended up canceling on our neighbors. So the limo driver showed up and it was my wife, the neighbor couple, and I. We laughed about it the entire way on the drive, but it worked great for us as we had more room and they paid for more than half the expense.

Of course the girls had gotten together before we left and coordinated their fashion. I must say, both ladies looked extremely attractive and the best part of it were showing leg, and lots of it with short skirts and high heels to top it off. I know the husband was in ah because he kept making several comments on their attire. The crazy thing about for me of course since I am a pantyhose connoisseur was that the neighbor wife was wearing a nice glossy pair of tan pantyhose with reinforced toes. Now I know my wife's pantyhose collection very well and it almost seemed to me they both had on identical nylons. Instant boner as we begun to drive off because pure pantythose thoughts raced through my mind the second I laid eyes upon her stockinged legs.

Instantly the girls wanted to unwind, so the let loose in getting the drinks flowing and kicking off their shoes to reveal their beautiful and freshly painted nylon covered toes. You could tell about 30-40 minutes into the ride they were feeling good...and horny! First they started to rub nylon feet together that instantly stopped us men in our tracks of conversation. Now the husband is a pretty open guy, but the actions and sights of my sexy neighbor clad in pantyhose was driving my cock overboard.

Before we knew it, the girls had taken their feet into each other pantyhose pussy with each other toes. Now I was getting a great view of both ladies nylon covered cunts and yes it was indeed my wife's style pantyhose. My wife only wears pantyhose without the cotton gusset, so I could clearly see pussy lips and wetness on both. I like my neighbor's pants, were starting bulge immensely. A quick look over to him, and his pants were already down to his ankles as he enjoyed the show rubbing his cock. I decided to roll the dice and started to rub the girls nylon legs. They both at the same time gave me that, "Suck my pussy first look." I continued to explore and gamble rubbing both ladies legs, going higher each time before gently grazing my fingers on their love patches.

The first comment from the neighbor wife, "Boy you're right girl, he has a love for nylons but he seems to know what he is doing for sure. I kind of like my pussy being massaged through nylon." I took a shot because I knew alcohol was having a great influence on all, so I stuck my head in her crotch and tongue thrust her nylon covered pussy like a wild man! She immediately groaned out in pleasure while he husband continued to just simply enjoy the show. Quickly they sit side-by-side and I would like both sets of pussies back and forth. Let me tell you, the taste of two different women at the same time through nylon was absolutely amazing. It was like eating your two favorite ice cream flavors at once!

A few minutes later, they girls threw me down on the seat inside the limo and took turns engulfing my think 6.5 inch cock in their mouths. The neighbor wife then quipped, "So what's next in pantyhose" I grabbed her quickly and turned her around so her ass faced me, but her eyes would be on her husband. I peeled her pantyhose down slightly and she knew the rest as she squatted over my lap grabbing my shaft and guiding it inside her with pleasure. She learned her arms back and to the side of me, getting into a nice rhythm on my man stick! This continued for several minutes, but my look to my wife was that it wasn't going to last much longer, and she need a good fucking too...ass fucking that is!

The neighbor wife cam a few times, and then got off to my request. I then piped in, "Now this is how real pantyhose fucking is done." The neighbor wife went over to her husband still stroking his dick and began to enter him into her mouth. My wife got into similar position, yet when she went to sit down on my cock, I placed my fat knob right up her anal cavity. The neighbor wife looked over in amazement that my little framed wife was willing and able to take such a big thing in her rear side. Gently we eased into motion and the neighbor wife from what I could see was grabbing my nut bag as her husband ordered her to do so. She was also licking my wife's open pussy, as after all I had my pipe fully up her asshole. Just then I saw my neighbor ejaculate onto his wife's back as my wife watched all the action while continuing to get pound in her ass.

Finally seeing all this pantyhose sex fanatics, I began my way to climax. I yelled over to the neighbor wife, "If you want the thrill of a life time, get over her and lick your girlfriend's shit off my cock as I explode in your mouth!" She quickly agreed and I cam inside her mouth what seemed like forever.

Just then the driver slide the glass over and explained that we are pulling into the first winery for tastings. I thanked him as I removed my cock from my neighbor's mouth and then helped both girls in pulling their pantyhose back into place over their cute little asses. I then said with a deep smile, "Not sure about anybody else, but nothing will top the nylon pussy tastings I just had...simply aged to perfection!" Everybody laughed and we exited the limo to enjoy the evening.
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