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Mother-in-law's pantyhose
08-27-2011, 10:50 PM
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Mother-in-law's pantyhose
The very first night I enjoyed my mother-in-law's pantyhose didn't start off with me having any intention of doing that. I was at my in-law's house doing some remodeling work while they were on vacation. After about 3 hours of ripping off wall paper and patching holes, I don't know what came over me. I sat down for a little break and then my mind started wandering. I wondered if my father-in-law had any interesting porn laying around. I looked behind his chair, in the hall closet...nothing. Then I started toward their bedroom. Surely there had to be some goodies in there.

The first place I looked was the bedroom closet and found some old Playboys. Nothing exciting. Then I started opening dresser drawers and found pay dirt. The bottom drawer was filled to the top with Gallery magazines that went all the way back to the late 80's. I had never seen any of those and started searching through them all until I found a few that centerfolds that were wearing stockings. My dick was so hard that it needed to be stroked. I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off along with my underwear.

After a couple of pulls I wondered if my mother-in-law had anything that I could use a masturbation aid. I went over to her dresser and nervously started opening drawers. This is just so wrong, I thought. Before I could stop myself, I discovered my favorite thing...pantyhose. There was nothing I could do to prevent what happened next. I searched through her dresser, savoring the feel of the very items that rubbed her legs and caressed her pussy. She had several, black, red, tan, nude, white. I had seen her at one time or another in all of these colors except red. You can imagine how hard I was by this time. The porn magazines were no longer even on my mind (although I did use them from time to time on different occasions). I grabbed a pair of black L'eggs Sheer Reliance and pulled them onto my legs. It had been years since pantyhose other than mine had been on my legs. The last time was probably before I got married and used some that I had taken from a great aunt. Mother-in-law's pantyhose felt silky, so sheer. I grabbed my hard shaft, pantyhose and all, and started stroking. I'm ashamed to admit it but I came in less than a minute. My cum was spurting so hard, it was firing through the panty of "my" new pantyhose. I say "my" because they panty was so misshapen and cum-filled that there was no way I could put them back in her drawer.

Very little work got down that night as I never took her pantyhose off until I went home. That evening I came in my pantyhose 6 times in just under 4 hours. My cock was so sore but I was more than ready to go back the next day.

That was the start of my experiences with my mother-in-law's things. That was about 8 years ago and my addiction to her things has only intensified. Her pantyhose, girdles, bras, slips, skirts and even a blouse or two weren't (aren't) off limits to me. So, whenever I can I like to sneak into her house, abuse her things for a little while and see how many times I can cum before my wife gets suspicious of my whereabouts.

Let me know what you think about this. I enjoy telling my experiences, hope you enjoy reading it.
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