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Her desire to do an adult photo shoot
12-18-2016, 03:48 PM (This post was last modified: 03-07-2017 12:23 PM by alwaysinnylon.)
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Shy Her desire to do an adult photo shoot
Here you will find some pictures of a woman who's very close to me like family, and after a long ride together after not seeing each other for years, we talked all day as we went everywhere on the northeast Atlantic coast in USA. She was always sexually adventurous, and she told me of many things of her sexual times, and what her desires were. We are that close, that she will tell me things that she will tell no one else.
She expressed a desire to do a sexy photo shoot, and she knew I was an amateur photographer, and wanted to do the shoot, but wasn't comfortable doing it in front of anyone but myself.
The pictures are amateurish, and in photographer style, this was just supposed to be just for the benefit of seeing which of her assets worked best for her. She's all legs and boobs, and that's what works for her, but circumstances made it so she had to move for employment reasons, and no other shoot has been done, but she said if she gets back up this way, she wants to do a full blown adult shoot, of every and all kinds. When ? Who knows, but enjoy her, and forget I'm an amateur. Comments are encouraged, both for her, and for suggestions for me. I will not respond to childish, or offensive comments, just nice or useful ones. My Avatar is her also. She wished for me to post all the pics of her, so I had her sign a waiver (gotta take care of the legal shit), and she wants me to try to market her for adult photography. She's strong willed, and adventurous, and sexually open minded. I will entertain offers of adult nature, but although I'm just doing this as she wished, it's just for exposure. I will protect her from anything I think is shady. How long have I known her ? I was there when she was born, and I knew her mother, long before her father even met her mother. She knows I will protect her, so this is why she came to me for this. It was either, "I do it" or "it's not going to happen". She wanted to feel safe, with someone she knows loves her, and will always have her back. Comments to us both please, for the relative reasons, but nothing downgrading, as I will ignore those. Nice comments about her (better to say nothing, than to make nasty comments), and advise to an amateur photographer, will be appreciated. Enjoy [hr]
More of who we will call lady J for now. Will post more each day.... until tomorrow.............. Say Bye

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03-07-2017, 12:20 PM
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RE: Her desire to do an adult photo shoot
more of J, so sexy

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