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Sister in Wolford Satin Touch 20s
05-23-2022, 10:14 AM
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Sister in Wolford Satin Touch 20s
My lovely sister came to visit me again and I despite my continual amazement that she returned to wearing pantyhose as she had in her high school and college days and fears that she’d view my intense appreciation of her hosiery wearing as creepy....I decided to prepare for her visit by ordering her a pair of Wolford “Satin Touch 20 Denier” pantyhose along with a Size 6 little (ok SHORT!) black dress, the occasion being her late in life college graduation.

She arrived at my place in a long t-shirt that covered her black leggings (not hose, but cute) and before she went to the bathroom she sheepishly took a purple disposable pull-up diaper out of her purse and embarrassedly and with slight tears explained that her bladder and bowel control problems due to her lifelong spina bifida had become far worse and she went in Depend Silhouettes now...she wanted to know if it was OK if she disposed of her diapers in the bathroom garbage. I hugged her close to comfort and reassure her, but wondered sadly if this meant the end of her pantyhose wearing as I went in for a pee and saw her soaked purple diaper wadded up on top of my bathroom garbage.

I needn’t have worried.

I nervously presented her with the Woldfords and black dress and while she blushed she excitedly said she’d love to wear them to our celebration dinner together. I also gave her another huge bouquet of mylar balloons with a graduation theme (she has always loved helium balloons, though she inevitably likes watching them fly away...bad for sea turtles perhaps, but good for brothers trying to appreciate her legs in pantyhose unnoticed). I first learned this in High School when I’d bought her a red mylar heart balloon on Valentine’s because her boyfriend had dumped her, and when waiting outside for our bus she had decided to let it go, allowing me to notice her gorgeous legs in her white, sheer “Moments” pantyhose with lycra from Kohl’s department stores under her short white skirt while she watched it disappear from view before the bus came.

Back to the present day, she headed into the bathroom with another fresh diaper and her makeup bag along with my gifts and emerged in her new dress and Wolfords, nervously tugging at her hemline, unsuccessfully trying to make her dress just a bit longer. It was SHORT, but her new black sheers were stunning when she sat on my entry bench to carefully put on her black heels, and you’d never know she had on disposable underwear. I gave her the balloons which she loved and wanted to take along. Like the last time we walked through the park together then to our favorite restaurant and once again we had to sit on a bench out front, which meant she gingerly had to sit on the bench and cross her pantyhose covered legs as modestly as she could. May I just say Wolford sheer black pantyhose look absolutely incredible!! I asked if she was going to keep her balloons or release them, hoping for the latter so I could have a distraction and be able to gaze at her legs. But she said she couldn’t decide...part of her wanted to watch them fly and part of her wanted to take them home to show her roomate and our parents as I’d picked out a lovely bouquet of balloons. But after a few minutes she uncrossed her gorgeous legs and sat still, whispering to me that she’d just taken a huge pee and needed to change her Depend. I asked if I could hold her balloon bouquet for her and she shook her head no, simultaneously letting the ribbons of her balloons slip through her fingers. As her bouquet flew away she crossed her legs again and I stared at the perfection of Woldfords as she watched her balloons fly off with a sad but beautiful face, eventually digging in her bag for a clean purple Depend then excusing herself for the restroom.

The rest of the evening was great...great dinner, great walk home, and despite her filling her Depend with a giant bowel movement in my living room as soon as we arrived back from the restaurant her disposable underwear held everything in and nothing got on her pricey pantyhose which she put back in the packaging for another day after she’d changed and disposed of her garment and put her leggings back on.
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