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Latex Top Clips
06-08-2018, 05:41 AM (This post was last modified: 06-08-2018 05:51 AM by Ivyy.)
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RE: Latex Top Clips
hanjob in latex

Can you make a video of you giving a tight white latex glove handjob, wearing white dress shirt? Thanks.
Latex-Butt - Latex-Arsch

Heres an awesome special-clip for you with my hot and sexy butt! Now you can worship my ass as you love it most: tightly covered in fantastic latex. But be careful: Extremely hot! Highest risk of addiction!
The Bridge

Our favorite fetishista Ms Von Livid returns to the site in a short romantic outdoor video, shot in Copenhagen at dusk. We're not quite sure how well she fits in with the other joggers in her very special semi-transparent sporty jacket and ultra tight skirt, but we're pretty sure she won't soon be forgotten by anyone who met her that evening!
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06-09-2018, 07:19 AM (This post was last modified: 06-09-2018 07:23 AM by Ivyy.)
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RE: Latex Top Clips
I Sit On Rejects

I love wearing these black shiny leggings to parties. I walk up to the biggest reject loser at the party and flaunt my ass and legs in his face. Then I sit on his lap as I make casual conversation with my friends. As the wimps cock begins to grow under my thighs, I move around a little to add some frustration.

This clip contain taboo elements like sister/ brother relations , cock tease/ jerk offinstructions/ leg tease/ass worship /family forbidden relations/ forced drinking/ forced intox/ forced ejaculation/ ass humiliation/ dirty talk/strip tease games/ ass shaking/ blackmail fantasy.This clip could ba called pervert brother turned slave sex toy by mean big sister! This is your lucky day, pervet bro ! But whats the price you pay for this privilege being teased by your sexy dominant sister?Lets find out...
Holy Fuck - XXX
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06-10-2018, 05:03 AM (This post was last modified: 06-10-2018 05:09 AM by Ivyy.)
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RE: Latex Top Clips
Latex dress CEI

My sexy outfit makes you so horny. My shiny latex dress just clings to my body and makes you want to touch me. You can play with your cock and I will watch you. Now we do not want a mess, to you will have to eat up your semen after you cum. Let's have some fun together.
Chastity teasing for Latex Maid

Maid Carlie has presented herself to me for a life of servitude but before we begin I want to tease and abuse her a little - I have decided to lock her up in chastity to take away all that stupid masculinity! She does not deserve release, but I will have so much fun teasing her with my shiny tight latex.
Cheeky School Girl Bonnie Encourages Miss Klass to Strip & Play with Latex Gloves

Miss Klass is waiting alone in the medical room when she is joined by student Bonnie who is skipping her sports lesson. As they both wait for Matron to arrive cheeky Bonnie notices the latex gloves on the desk and cannot resist having a look through the drawers to see if Matron has a more extensive supply. She is in luck when she finds lots of different colours! She slips a pair on and runs them over her body and encourages Miss to do the same. They both agree the latex feels good and they start to slip off their clothing so they can allow the smooth feeling gloves to access more of their exposed skin. They are clearly enjoying the latex as they try on lots of different coloured gloves and find themselves increasingly undressed! Soon Bonnie is completely naked and Miss is left in just her stockings as they run their latex hands up and down their legs!
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06-11-2018, 05:23 AM (This post was last modified: 06-11-2018 05:25 AM by Ivyy.)
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RE: Latex Top Clips
Red Latex Opera Gloves - Mobile

As I slip into my shiny latex opera gloves you are distracted from whatever you were doing before you hit play. The look the sound and my mesmerizing voice as I talk about my glove fetish. Aroused and giving me your full attention my glossy opera gloves grip your mind and your dirty imagination runs...
Bondage Hood Blowjob!

Wearing my new bondage hood and latex catsuit, Mr PureLatex cuffs my hands so I can give him a blowjob. He then attaches the mouth cover and then the eye cover, then masturbates until he cums all over my hood.
Sweet Black Night

You always knew your fantasies would kh-1ll you. And when you saw me, in my sweet black latex suit, you knew your dreams would be the end of you. You will pass, smothered between my black latex python legs.. Inhaling your last breath- that intoxicating scent of latex. (LATEX, EXECUTRIX)
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06-13-2018, 07:31 AM (This post was last modified: 06-13-2018 07:34 AM by Ivyy.)
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RE: Latex Top Clips
Lara Croft: XXX Marks the Spot

Thank you so much Jason for always joining me on so many adventures, collecting treasure always gives me a thrill. Theres just one treasure I've never been able to get my hands on & thats the treasure in your pants, I've always had a thing for Asian guys so "please can you show me that cock?" "Oh - your not just going to show me it, you want me to do a few things first, ok then.." Watch me strip down firstly revealing my tits, you always loved how tight my latex top was but these firm tits under just get you so hard, I don't even wear a bra underneath then I take my latex shorts off.. I've had something under my shorts the whole time during our adventures, take a look and see whats been giving me such a thrill! It was my buttplug, it gets me sooo horny. " Why do you think I always make those grunts and moans when we are on our journeys?" I play with myself, getting myself so excited until I squirt for you. Then the Striptease suddenly turns into a sloppy blow job then tit fucking until I finally beg you to release your treasure inside me..please impregnate me! Fill me with your seed. You fuck me bent over then I ride your cock cowgirl. Oh my, this has been the BEST adventure I've ever been on with you! “ So.. Will you join me on another adventure in the future? So I can give you another surprise as a thank you present when we are done.
CATWOMAN - Big Breasted Ashley Renee Bound in Latex

I start by teasing you in my sexy PVC catsuit, masturbating and unmasked. Then I get tied in two different positions, nipple clamped, bare breasted, ball-gagged, drooling and moaning!
Cum on My Latex-Clad Ass

I'm head down ass up again, doggystyle, dressed in tight latex with my ass facing you. This time you can see more of my legs, which are pressed closely together to frame my ass as a perfect bubble butt. I tell you I want you to jerk off over my big, round butt, so stroke it hard for me. I unzip my latex leggings, revealing my tight ass cheeks and slit of a pussy. I know you are thinking of sliding your dick inside, and that turns me on. I twist and turn my ass, teasing you to the max. I want you to jerk off for me, hard and fast! I want a big fat load of juicy cum all over my big butt, can you do that for me? I spray realistic cum-like lube all over my ass, two big loads, I want your cum all over my ass!
Shiny tight dress

Look at me in this shiny tight dress! Doesn't it make your mouth water? You're gonna love the way this dress hugs my curves and compliments my breasts.
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06-15-2018, 11:29 PM (This post was last modified: 06-15-2018 11:30 PM by Ivyy.)
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RE: Latex Top Clips
Latex Lover Spanked.

Mistress Natasha spanks her latex-loving little slave as he grovels in her presence. See your mistress stripe out of her latex dress as she administers your punishment.

Latex Undies Wallet Draining

I have on my tight black zippered latex undies on and i am going to use them to drain that fat stack of ca$h you have burning in your wallet for me. I am going to shake and spread my goodies in your face while playing with my zipper .. Slowly unzipping it revealing what you want to see most..I am going to make you spend $$ and tribute more with hopes of getting the full thing and I am going to leave you horny and ripped off with one more task before you get what you want! Once you have bought this video and have $$$ paid what I ask please message me and you will be sent a full gallery of everything unzipped and delicious!
Latex Goddess Strap-On Domination

I know you can't resist my shiny rubber body. So time to suck my rubber dick. Get on your knees and serve my strap-on. Suck it until I'm satisfied. Then bend over and get ready to take it in your ass like a good slave boy. If you do a good job taking it deep, I might even let you touch my latex covered curves.
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06-17-2018, 06:23 AM (This post was last modified: 06-17-2018 06:26 AM by Ivyy.)
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RE: Latex Top Clips
Laxie outdoors big boobs catsuit. Walk, Piss and self fuck with 2 huge rubber dildos.

Huge Boobs and Piercings fuck and pissing in public. PART II.

The spoiling continues! It's never enough, especially during my birthday month! Bigger and better and more expensive, I take your wallet for another ride. Just a few more days til my birthday! Prove how much you love worshipping me. Sacrifice for real, as you spend even more for me.
Latex Goddess Stroke

Hello again, Evan. You just can't get enough of My JOI, can you? Today I am going to tease and titivate you in My new latex dress as I tell you exactly how I want your cock stroked for Me. As a treat I will even allow you to cum, when I am ready for you to.
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Yesterday, 05:37 AM (This post was last modified: Yesterday 05:48 AM by Ivyy.)
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RE: Latex Top Clips
My Latex Addict (Becky Dee - Latex)

I know you love latex... Why do you think I wore this? I also know exactly what a weak loser you are for me. You long for my attention. You're desperate and totally addicted. You love me so much that you take the abuse I hurl at you. Do you know why that is huh loser? It's because you have NO life and you need humiliation. Without me, you would be going through your miserable life all alone, wishing you were someone else. Fortunately you have accepted that and accepted you need to pay for my attention. And you will never get attention from me unless you are paying... Listen to the noises this latex makes... The sound drives you wild! Every move I make is like music to your pathetic ears. This perfect ass, so tight and shiny... You're completely fucked! Forever! - Becky Dee
Polished Perfection featuring Violet Doll

This tasty little latex treat will have you tingling with envy. Your heartbeat and pathetic little dicks will throb as you become entranced in this erotic, dream-like clip titled Polished Perfection. Be jealous and know how unlucky you are as a man to only be able to see and not touch for yourself. All you can do is stroke it raw while you see how fortunate this sissy bitch got to be.
Latex Ballbusting POV

Mistress Stella Liberty has allowed you the privilege of seeing her wearing her beautiful shiny gold latex in
her dungeon today, but that is all the pleasure you are allowed. All she wants to do is kick you in the balls, repeatedly! She teases you with her luscious body only to bring her knee up between your
legs and kick her perfect feet into your groin until you are helpless with pain while she laughs at your agony. There is nothing Mistress Stella enjoys more than torturing men, and your balls are so
weak compared to her kicks!
Gigantic Amazonian Woman Humiliates A Tiny Ma

Intense Giantess Height Humiliation comes to life in super high quality! Our Amazonian Goddess Valeria notices you, a tiny little man down below her long pantyhose covered Powerful legs. She leans down and proceeds to describe her absolute disgust for you being so tiny and little, describing every little detail and how it really makes her feel. She thinks you will fit into her handbag perfectly and this is absolutely appalling to her.
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Today, 05:14 AM
Post: #179
RE: Latex Top Clips
Masturbation, Dildo Fuck in Transparent Catsuit and extreme Piercings.

Laxie dressed in transparent pink latex catsuit, corset, stockings, gloves and masks masturbates herself with 2 large rubber dildos, spreading her heavy extreme labia piercings, sucks and fucks pierced penis. Her labia tattoos are visible too.
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