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Sometimes For Other Reasons
12-18-2016, 02:51 PM (This post was last modified: 03-08-2017 12:15 PM by alwaysinnylon.)
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Sometimes For Other Reasons

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.jpg  P3070020.JPG (Size: 431.06 KB / Downloads: 20) There are other reasons for the wearing of nylon/ stockings/pantyhose/panties, etc. It is rare, but so are many reasons for things we do not understand, and for which I'm trying this site to see reactions, and not for attention, but for understanding from others, and it's a way of not facing anyone, so the truth isn't a problem, and I refuse to lie anyway, because after a while, you have to keep remembering what you lied about, so I figure it could be the same way in receiving comments.
I have been wearing nothing buy nylon since the age of 24, and we won't go into when that was. I always had a rash and itch when my mom used Tide laundry detergent. Don't know why, but figured it was the chemical makeup. She didn't use Tide anymore, and the rash and itching went away. I was 16 then. That seemed to be the end of it, until in my 24th year, I began to get that same itch. It was mild at first, but worsened over a period of several months. I tried changing detergents, but to no avail. It got so bad, that I went to a dermatologist, who tried for a couple of months of tests, until he found the problem. I was allergic to cotton, or any cotton infused product. There is no shots for such an allergy, so the thought of the doctor, was that I had to keep cotton away from my skin. We talked about it, and he before me, came to the conclusion, that I had to do my clothes shopping in the women's area of the store. This was one of the hardest things to figure out, but the itching drove me to take on the task. The time I was 24, there was nothing nylon made for a man to have as outer, or even underwear. I now can by nylon pants, but back then it was stockings and garters, and panties to have a layer between my cotton pants, and my skin, and also I had to wear white nylon down to waist nylon slips under my cotton shirt, and panties to keep the cotton from making me itch, in the worse place a person can itch. Today I'm able to buy nylon tee shirts, and nylon material pants, but even though they now make nylon underwear for men, in the style of Haines, or as they are called, Tighty Whites, they still have cotton in the waist band, so that doesn't work. I especially liked pantyhose, as they were all I would wear when wearing them, and no panties. I love black, so all my nylon clothing, and stockings, pantyhose, panties, and other articles of clothing are black.
It's been quite a few years now, since I had to start wearing nylon, but now I wouldn't wear anything else, even if they came up with a cure for my allergy. I love how they feel, and are much more supportive than men's underwear. They hold my fun things much better, so it was, nylons, with garters and stockings, but now that includes pantyhose, or thigh high stay ups (most convenient), and I have two dresser draws full of black nylon panties alone. Even my lounge wear in 100% nylon. This is my story of a straight man, who still is (I love women too much), and wears all women's items, except for the tee shirts, and pants, which are also 100% nylon, but in men's style. I'm a 100% fan of nylon from my head to toes. It started as a must, but has become something I wouldn't give up. I'm too use to getting the right sizes in women's sizes, to fit me, and to wear men's under clothing, would be upsetting to me. I'm 100% straight, but unlike others who cross dressed as a fetish, I had to for my health, but the result was finding out that woman's clothing (underwear etc.) is much better all around. I had reservations when women approached me, and we began seeing each other, and seeing that I had to tell her at some point, instead of a surprising her when I took my outer clothing off (or she did), I just came out with it, and told her what I said here, almost word for word, and why I had to wear them. Well, now,,,, that is all many of them wish to see me in, and some love to go shopping for things for me, so they can have control over what turns them on the most, and what they want me to wear. The women I go with, at Christmas, buy me tons of nylon items They now accepted it so much, that when we play dress up for sexual delights, she'll pick out what she wants me to wear, and I get to do the same for her, and when I'm with one woman or another, they bring a weekends worth of lingerie, and for those weekend days and nights, nylon lingerie, and her in heels, is all that is worn 24 hours. My wearing nylon from necessity, ended up being useful for sexual pleasures also. I think they more than I, and other woman I met, that was OK with it, but if the woman I'm with knows, but it's the first time we will be having sexual relations, they turn into kink queens when I'm in nothing but nylon lingerie. I guess the benefit was two fold. Good for my health, and an awesome aphrodisiac for the female species, which also benefits me.... really benefits me, so as you can see, many will read this, and say things like "gay, or sexual cross dresser, anything but just a straight guy who's health circumstances led to necessary cross dressing (for lack of better words) which led to other pleasurable results. The 1st woman I was with, who saw what I had to wear, was a big surprise, as I could see her eyes become like that half closed lip licking look. When she became aroused by it, it was like she had to find out different ways of having pleasure, and many times when I dress myself for her, her hand goes down her panties very quickly, and she loves her breasts fondled, so I've seen her do both. I love that she likes her breasts fondled, as they are quite sizable, and to categorize myself, I'm what you would call a Boob and Leg man, so I have lots of fun with them also. Talk about Karma. I wear all nylon for health reasons, and later in life, I find a woman of average sexual desires, whom I had to tell before they found out the wrong way, and saw what I wear, it sets something off in them, and sex is at least 4 times a week, and many times more. I love when the women become the aggressor, and kinky try anything arousal. I got lucky twice, but like I said, others will label it something it isn't, but I don't let it bother me. Before I end this long story, I must tell you about something that was a bit embarrassing to me at first, but after a minute, I was fine with it. One weekend, the lady I was with, had her life long girlfriend over, and I was dressed for the night in my nylon lounge pants, panties, and stay up stockings. All that could be seen, was my nylon lounge pants, as I had slippers on. She calls me over to the table, and in hind sight I found out later, that she confided in her girlfriend about my lingerie necessity. I figured she had at some point, but I wasn't bothered by it, as I was sure she also told her about why, which she later told me she had,,,, but when I went over to her, with not a seconds warning, she pulls my nylon lounge pants down to the floor, in one super fast pull, and looks at her life long girlfriend, and says, "See, Isn't it sexy in nylon panties and stockings" ? Then she offers her friend to feel. I let her, while I gave the lady I was with a look. Her girlfriend is quite sexy looking, and dresses the part, so her hand being on the front of my panties for a few short seconds, was enough to make me pitch a panties tent. Her girlfriend looked at me, and I could see the sexy smirk on her face, and she looks back at my girlfriend, and says, "Yes, they do feel very nice, and they are also stimulating to see on him". Then she also says to my girlfriend, "I think he finds it stimulating also, and laughs, and looks right at my panties full of an erect dick". Now the going joke is, when she comes over (that look and feel she did, led to us becoming an occasional thing), is, "Hey, what's under those clothes today"? I just say back at her, "Everything covered in nylon" !! Needless to say, I think the entire thing turned the woman I was with, and her girlfriend on also, and then I found out it was all planed as one of her kinky surprises, and when her girlfriend left, she fucked me like a sex crazed animal. I totally loved every minute of what we both did to each other, and that's when she told me about it making her aroused to watch, while her girlfriend fondled my dick. It's amazing what a nylon fetish will create, especially when it's her who has the fetish !!! The sexually open minded women of latter years, are awesome, at least that's how I feel about it. I no longer work there, as I don't need to work anymore (comfortable financially), but still do part time, but it's a very rare think for me to be alone on any given weekend. Who Knew ??? A medical condition, that at first I was embarrassed about wearing what I had to wear, turned into a sexual pleasure, and let me find out, that an aroused women can be a sexual fetish queen, but there is one thing most men never realize, or don't care about. A woman's mind needs stimulation also, so treat them with respect, and like ladies, and some TLC, and they sexual arousal in them explodes. I have found out over the years, the way to arouse and stimulate a woman, is, 1). Arouse her mind, and treat her like the woman she is. 2) TLC - Open doors for her, pull out her chair, complement her, and tell her she's beautiful. Give her a loving touch as you pass by (NOT A GROOPE !), a little kiss on the back of her neck will send chills all they way down her body. 3) If you do all these things and be sincere and loving about it, she will become so stimulated and aroused, she will jump you, and fuck your brains out. Do all these things to her all day, and when the end of the day comes, she will be the hunter, and you will be her sexual prey. Women are stimulated by the mind, and controlled by the heart. Treat both of them as precious, and she will react very lovingly, "AND" sexually. Women are not things to dump your load in at will. They are precious and emotional (for the most part of them. There are bad exceptions), and to see which kind of woman she is, just treat her like a lady, and her reaction in seconds will tell you if she the loving kind, and most are. You can say anything you want about feminism, etc., but most all women want to be treated like a woman, with respect, and loving care.
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03-08-2017, 10:25 AM (This post was last modified: 03-08-2017 10:27 AM by alwaysinnylon.)
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Toungue RE: Sometimes For Other Reasons

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.jpg  P3070024.JPG (Size: 438.2 KB / Downloads: 7) more of my cock and nylon
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03-08-2017, 11:25 AM (This post was last modified: 03-08-2017 12:22 PM by alwaysinnylon.)
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RE: Sometimes For Other Reasons
The one of the ladies dildo in my pantyhose. These were taken last, as after the pictures, she put the nylon covered dildo to great use on my lap, and I got so hard, I put my cock to good use also. Did a double penetration. Nylon covered dildo in her pussy, and my cock in her ass, and she rode like a wild woman. She came before me, and then I came, and that didn't deter her, as she continued to ride until she had a second orgasm. That was awesome. My only intention was to take pics of my stocking legs, and the head of my cock, and my cock in my panties. It was her idea to put her dildo under my pantyhose. I think she had this all planned out, and I didn't know, but I like surprises, especially sexual ones. To think. I had to start wearing only nylon since I was 24, due to a cotton allergy, and over the years, it became a sexual kink. Most would complain of having an allergy, and at first I was uncomfortable with the wearing of nylon meant for women, but had no choice. "NOW" ! It's a medical necessity, because of my cotton allergy, but when I first had to start wearing them, I would make sure it wasn't known by anyone but me and the doctor, as I didn't want to be labeled gay, as I'm as far from gay as a man can get, but I never dreamed it would become a sexual powerhouse for me, and other woman, who I've found out, in past years, many are turned on by a man wearing nylon lingerie for pleasure, because of what I have to wear for health. If I have to have an allergy, I'm glad it was one that required total nylon against my skin. In the beginning there wasn't any way anywhere to get total nylon clothing for a man (1975), so my doctor was the one to say, "You must wear women's clothing under your clothes, or live with an itchy red rash there's no relief for". Now tee shirts, and even pants I can get made with nylon, but so many years of wearing women's lingerie before the rest was available, has made me now uncomfortable wearing anything else, including pantyhose, stay up nylons, and garter nylons (which was my only choice back then, beside pantyhose). I found that a nylon garter, with garter stockings, and nylon panties, was much more convenient for trips to the bathroom. My entire working career, only some women knew what was under my clothes. The only down side to that, was if something I was thinking, or seeing, gave me an erection, the panties held my cock straight out, and it was very visible looking at my pants. The women in the place where I worked, would have one of three reactions when they saw the bulge straight out. They would either make like they didn't see it, or look offended, or smiled. Personally, I like it when they smiled. I don't have some monster cock, but it's bigger than average. Male cocks average 6 to 6 1/2 inches erect. Mine is 7 inches when flaccid, and closer to 9 1/2 to 10 inches erect, which is why at work, erections were very hard to hide, and nylon panties didn't let my cock point downward, but rather held it right in place straight out. Most men would say great, but when you work in an environment that's 60 to 70 % women, it can be embarrassing, and with my libido as strong as it is, it didn't take more than a seconds thought of being with a woman I was with in the past, be it minutes, days, weeks, etc., and I would be hard in seconds, and I had to walk around supervising all the women in the office. I'm sure my panties/pants tents, were the subject of many women's room conversations, good or bad. The majority of the women I've been with, were from the office, although I wouldn't be with anyone in my own department. Not a good idea, but women talk, so I have been with many women who also work in the same building, from other departments. I never tried to be what I became, but I didn't resist it either, and got/get to experience many levels of women's desires, and kinks, and fetishes, and anyone who says that most women are not sexually driven, do not know much about women. Yes, I was the one who had to wear all nylon since the mid 70's for medical reasons, but every type if kink and fetish that was brought about by my lingerie wearing necessity, was initiated by women. I would rather spend a day, week, month, etc., with a woman, before doing the guys out thing. When you see them, they are just a bunch of beer drinking guys, and unless it's a girlfriend, they are having a cock swinging pissing contest. Fuck that !!!!! I would rather be around women any day !!
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