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10-12-2017, 10:02 PM
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I have had a pantyhose/tights fetish for as long as I remember. I'm not sure exactly where my interest started but I remember having a great time at senior school as a lot of the girls chose to wear short skirts and black tights and as they thought I was cute I seemed to be able to get away with the occasional fumble - simpler times Smile I remember one particularly gorgeous girl who used to enjoy teasing me by wrapping her long black opaque tights covered legs around me at the back of the class during break, yummy!

I experimented with wearing but it's something I have grown out of, possibly as I met my gorgeous wife shortly after finishing my education. I let her know fairly early on that I had a thing for lingerie and stockings and gradually built up the courage to say that I was really turned on by women wearing tights. She didn't run a mile and has been happy to dress-up for me during sex. I've bought her loads of different tights over the years, my favorites being Wolford brand and especially their seamless tights. There is just something about seamless tights that get my dick so fucking hard (please excuse the detail!). I think it's the combination of the hose and the fact that you can still see everything. It's always a shame when she ladders a pair, however, it makes a wonderful excuse to rip a hole through the crotch and turn a bad thing into a great one!

Now we come onto the sister-in-law (excuse the pun)...

Her sister is now in her mid-twenties and a really good looking girl too. She wears tights on occasion, nothing fancy, but I don't mind admitting that I do tend to get an eyeful whenever she does as she has a great set of legs. Her Facebook profile is filled with great photos and although it feels a bit wrong I do admit to having a good perv. I remember one Christmas where she had a pretty short denim skirt on and black tights and kept crawling over the sofa which gave me an awesome view at her nylon covered crotch.

This past week she was back home visiting and had a night out planned but had forgotten to pack any tights so she asked my wife to lend her a pair of hers. I only found out later that day when my wife had complained about her asking - for some reason, the thought of my sister-in-law wearing her tights got me really turned on!

When I came back from work, I found an empty packet of Krystelle 30 Seamless Pantyhose I had imported from (look them up, they're the closest thing to the classic Wolford Fatal Neon tights) sat in the back room - this got me even more turned on.

It looked like she hadn't taken the tights in the end which was strangely disappointing. I later found the Krystelle pantyhose and a pair or footless opaque Wolford's sat in a bag in the living room which she must have declined to borrow, so all thoughts of her wearing some sexy luxury hose died down.

Earlier this week, my lust reignited as my wife returned from a trip out and had bought back home a worn pair of black Wolford Fatal 50 seamless pantyhose. It turned out she had borrowed some tights in the end! I'll admit to having a healthy imagination when it comes to fantasizing about tights so this was a dream situation and is what has driven me to write this post. I can't stop thinking about her wearing these seamless tights and have been checking her Facebook profile to see if she posted any pictures from the night out but so far no luck.

I'm next to certain she only ever wears cheap and cheerful opaque tights normally, bought from supermarkets. The thought of her wearing expensive seamless tights has been keeping my dick rock hard for several days now and I feel sorry for my wife next time we have sex as I'm so fired up! Part of me wants to talk to my sister-in-law about this but that is a total no-no, and rightfully so, so I will enjoy my imagination and the release of writing this! I want her to know that I bought those tights because they really turn me on and I want her to tell me how she felt wearing them. I want to know if she enjoyed the feeling of the tight seamless hose around her pussy and ass and if she decided against any underwear as my wife sometimes does when wearing seamless. I'm still hopeful some photos might emerge at some point or that she might request some tights for Christmas - might be a bit inappropriate for me to buy them though...
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10-23-2017, 05:21 AM
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RE: Sister-in-law...
Wow now that actually got me excited!! Please tell us more if anything happens!!
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10-28-2017, 12:16 AM
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RE: Sister-in-law...
Glad you enjoyed the story.

No update unfortunately, just waiting for the next visit. Hopefully she packs light again and has to come raid the collection. I'd be a dead man if my wife knew how much of a perv I am, although I'm sure she has some idea!

In the meantime, waiting for the temperature to drop more here and the tights to come back into regular use Smile
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