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Pantyhose Encased Shemales
03-16-2012, 01:18 PM
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RE: Pantyhose Encased Shemales
(07-20-2008 12:35 AM)z4rky Wrote:  Hi, new to the forum here and already loving it!

I've been into pantyhose encasement for quite some years now, but the last few years I've been getting into 'shemale' and 'tranny' porn.. I just love to see a hot girl with a hard cock between her legs! Don't know why Tongue

I'd loooove to see my two greatest fetishes combined! I dream of pantyhose encased shemale sucking each other's nylon cocks and shooting hot loads in each other's nylon encased faces... hmmm...

The sad thing is, is that I've never come across any site or whatever that features this theme! I've seen many shemales in regular just-on-their-legs pantyhose. This is very hot too, but I always feel like there should be a little bit more nylon involved! Like on their tits and face Tongue

I've come across some Transvestites who did some pantyhose encasement type stuff, but TV's don't really do it for me. I really love the female form and anything male-ish besides a hard cock isn't a turn on.. (how weird does that sound? Tongue). No hairy legs and a flat chest for me please!

I was just wondering if any of you guys share this fetish, and even have some material i.e. pics/videos/websites of it..

Would love to chat to someone about this.

Greets, z4rky

Many pantyhose kisses to Michelle! You are that best baby! Wink
hi,,id love to chat..have loads of material to exchange with you...
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06-23-2013, 08:44 PM (This post was last modified: 06-23-2013 08:48 PM by z4rky.)
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RE: Pantyhose Encased Shemales
More than a year has passed, so I thought I'd bump this thread again Smile

My interests have changed since I started this thread, the female form is still my greatest turn on except I no longer care for bit tits but prefer smaller or flat chested girls (how a man can change Tongue). Since the TV/CD scene offers a wide variety of such girls, I have come to appreciate them very much over the last time. Anything too man-ish still turns me off big time though.. Anyway! Here's some stuff I've come across over the last time which turns me on greatly, the first gurl being Tgirl Kirsty:

.jpg  087_191.jpg (Size: 156.26 KB / Downloads: 153)

.jpg  102_132.jpg (Size: 209.7 KB / Downloads: 119)

.jpg  k1_678.jpg (Size: 72.04 KB / Downloads: 141)

.jpg  k3_207.jpg (Size: 79.64 KB / Downloads: 156)
And here are some pics of a sexy bitch by the name of Florincia:

Attached File(s)
.jpg  017_1000.jpg (Size: 139.05 KB / Downloads: 173)
.jpg  003_1000.jpg (Size: 116.23 KB / Downloads: 145)
.jpg  008_1000.jpg (Size: 127.17 KB / Downloads: 157)
.jpg  601_1000.jpg (Size: 176.74 KB / Downloads: 154)
.jpg  006_1000.jpg (Size: 73.55 KB / Downloads: 154)
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12-30-2016, 04:26 PM
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RE: Pantyhose Encased Shemales
(07-15-2009 04:27 AM)z4rky Wrote:  
bigboyhose Wrote:
z4rky Wrote:Am I the only one who has this fetish? Sad

No i love shemales in panyhose i have about 20 shemale sites if u intrested some very explicit

I am VERY interested too! would love to see them

How many of them contain actual encased shemales? Big Grin

Cuz I looooove to see it on more than just their legs/cock..

i am very intereste
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01-09-2018, 05:18 AM (This post was last modified: 01-09-2018 05:22 AM by Hosedup.)
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RE: Pantyhose Encased Shemales
I love all of this!
I have some pics to share as well, but I do not know how to attach them...
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